Authorized Translations

Authorized translation: is the translation, signning and sealing of the original document by the authorized translator. All kinds of documents, such as diplomas, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, are translated and signed by our authorized translators.
Authorized translator:a certified translator may only perform legally valid translations in matters requiring competent translation. The authorized translation certificate is issued by the Ministry of Education in Finland. Some authorities in Finland and abroad require competent translations of documents and documents to be given to them. The translation prepared by an authorized translator always corresponds to the original document. The official translation is usually stamped and includes the approval or security requirement of an authorized translator.

Inforturk provides translation services in the following languages.

Translation languages:
Finnish - Turkish
Turkish - Finnish
Finnish - English
English - Finnish
English - Turkish
Estonian - Turkish
Turkish - Estonian
Azerbaijan Turkish - Turkey Turkish
Azerbaijani Turkish - Finnish

We deliver your translations in writing in whatever format you request.

Types of Translation

Authorized Interpreter
We provide certified translation services to our official documents to be submitted abroad with our sworn interpreters.

Notarized translations
We translate your documents that require notarization with our sworn translators and deliver them in accordance with the notary approval.

Technical translations
We provide professional technical translation services with the correct terminology with our experienced translators.

Legal translations
We translate all kinds of documents such as contracts, warranties, protocols, authority documents, official documents, patents, court decisions with the correct legal terminology.

Commercial translations
We professionally translate your commercial documents such as tender files, business correspondence, dealership agreements, invoices, invitations and letters.

Medical translations
We make your translations such as health reports and analysis results meticulously.

Academic translations
We translate your documents such as diplomas, theses and articles that you will need during your academic life.

Website translations
This type of translation is not very easy, but it is a job that requires attention and seriousness. In order for the translation to be accurate, it is necessary to have a translation that meets the exact meaning of the words. Website translation prices vary according to the content of the page and the language to be translated.

Due to confidentiality, your translation documents are never shared with third parties.

For more information about our translation services please contact us.